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Oliver Loftus | Graphic Artist

This part of my website, is for my most recent projects, news, sketches, works in progress etc... As well as miscellaneous stuff that I want to show off, but which doesn't really fit anywhere else. If you're looking to browse through my portfolio, please follow the links at the top. :)

Here is a low-poly creature that I sculpted in Zbrush for a Unity game project. I wanted to keep him simple so he'd be easy to work with, but still maintain some style and personality, so I made him really cute and dumpy. The first image is the static model, with a nice clean topology; the second image shows the underlying bone structure for animating him, and the final image shows the model able to move and articulate.

This is a bit more of the Fortuna Painting. I was trying to rough out some ideas for a full figure image.

Character WIP, working on this for Fortuna.

This is a little sketch I did for a story writing project. It's mostly pencil, but I also used Photoshop to quickly block in some of the larger shaded areas.

WIP, concept for futuristic militia

Speed Painting, just messing around with some custom brushes.

Preview a picture I'm working on for a story. It's a little witch / sorcerer's apprentice type narrative.

This is an older image that I did for the steam punk drawoff on NCU. I decided to come back to it, and start adding colours.

My girlfriend asked me to do some festive themed nail-art designs. This what I came up with :)

This is a lego spaceship that I made in 3D Max for my stopframe animation. I'm planning to use it for some of the shots that aren't really practical with real lego.

Recieved this photo today in an email, it's the first print of the squirrel I drew, being used on one of Sam's mugs. :)

This is colour I started doing of a Jedi Image, drawn by KO.

WIP, I wanted to paint a kind of Jetsons style character. She's coming along quite nicely.